An Urban Cooperative Created in 2001

Northern Michigan Law Enforcement Training Group (NMLETG) is an urban cooperative created in 2001 by four Northern Michigan Police agencies.  Current membership includes 124 agencies representing local, county, state, and tribal police agencies.  It includes three community colleges.

The NMLETG Board is comprised of members from area law enforcement agencies and associations, the insurance industry, colleges and citizens at large.  The unique training "cooperative" is a direct result of the close working relationship between this Board and the Michigan Army Guard leadership at Camp Grayling.

Current Board Members

  • Captain Mike Caldwell, Michigan State Police
  • Sheriff Ed Stern, Roscommon County
  • Sheriff Kirk Wakefield, Crawford County
  • Sheriff (Ret.) Gary Finstrom, Wexford County
  • Mr. Hal Helterhoff, FBI (Ret.)
  • Mr. Mike Bertha, Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority
  • Chief Jeff O'Brien, Traverse City Police Department
  • Director Doug Baum, Grayling Department of Public Safety
  • Mr. Jerry Cannon, Northwestern Michigan College
  • Lt. Brendon Kieft, DNR Law Enforcement